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crytsal healing

Water bottle with crystal:Crystal glass water bottle

Buy Now Lepidolite: assists in release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, inducing change. Brings deep emotional healing, and may reduce depression. 1/56 Turquoise: assists with spiritual harmony, cleansing, protection, valour, peace of mind, emotional or spiritual guidance Buy Now 2/56 Tourmaline: premier talisman of protection, providing a psychic shield reflecting negative energies. Thought to guard against radiation…

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yoga ball

How can use yoga ball at your home gym

How can use yoga ball at your home gym? Yoga ball benefits have you experienced? Most of the people sit for at least 8 hours in one day during the working time according to the study. Due to the long sitting makes more troubling like chronic problems like neck and back pain, sciatic nerve discomfort, depression, kind 2 diabetes mellitus,…

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Exercise Resistance Workout Band

Resistance bands chest workout at home

Spending in a sweet collection of resistance bands is a wise option if you’re brief on room and also budget when it comes to an at-home gym arrangement. Thefitlife exercise resistance bands with handles 5 fitness workout bands stackable up to 110 lbs. They are an excellent choice for stamina training exercises thanks to the difficulty they supply your muscle…

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immune system

how can increase Immune System

In 1960 Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet was awarded to Nobel Price for his contribution to the field of the immune system.  Schick Test 1915. Photo of young boy receiving the Schick Test from a doctor. Boy is accompanied by mother and younger sibling (1915). The Schick Test is a measure of immunity to diphtheria. If your immune system not working…

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